How to Develop a Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Event

One of the most important tasks in your event plan is to develop a marketing strategy, which will ensure you have a great guest turnout. Planning all the event details and arranging notable speakers, catering by the best chef in the city and insta-worthy event décor is all awesome, but it won’t be so [...]

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Event2023-07-18T18:46:23-05:00

How to Start Planning a Virtual Event

Virtual events are on the rise and when you work with experienced professionals, they can actually be quite easy to implement. So what are virtual events and how can you implement them into your event strategy? Here’s what you need to know… What are virtual events? They are online events that take place in a virtual [...]

How to Start Planning a Virtual Event2023-07-18T20:05:46-05:00

Event Flyers and Websites – What They Should Always Include

Imagine this… You spend months planning an event to perfection; all the décor looks great, the lighting is perfect and you arrange the best musicians to play along to the world’s greatest dancer. On the night of the event...only a handful of people turn up. Awkward? Yes. What went wrong? Probably communication. The way [...]

Event Flyers and Websites – What They Should Always Include2023-07-18T20:20:43-05:00

How To Sell Out Your Event

You are planning an event and need to sell tickets to fill the room and more importantly, cover the costs associated with hosting the event. So how do you sell out and where do you begin to make it happen? We get asked this question often and the truth is, there is no simple [...]

How To Sell Out Your Event2023-07-19T13:36:46-05:00

Getting Media To Show Up To Your Event

Let’ s face it, getting media coverage for your event can be  a powerful boost to build your brand visibility. However, journalists are receiving invites to events all over the city, follow these tips to ensure yours stands out from the crowd! Develop a plan Being strategic with your approach allows you the opportunity [...]

Getting Media To Show Up To Your Event2023-07-19T13:41:32-05:00

How To Secure Event Sponsors

In many cases, securing event sponsors can be crucial to the overall profitability of events. This means organisers are relying on cash sponsorship to cover event costs in exchange for numerous benefits that can help brands build credibility, gain exposure and communicate directly with their target audience, and fast! Understanding the reasons why a [...]

How To Secure Event Sponsors2023-07-19T13:51:49-05:00

Outdoor Events – Safety First!

Summer is upon us which means it’s the season for outdoor events! With festivals, walks, rides, parades and other outdoor soirees all on the horizon, it is imperative that we, as event organisers, ensure the safety of everyone involved. During the planning stages, it is important to take time to think about all the [...]

Outdoor Events – Safety First!2023-07-19T13:53:02-05:00

How To Plan A Successful Auction

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money at fundraising events. However, successfully managing an auction requires a solid plan to help secure items, promote and excite bidders well in advance and a strong team onsite for execution and check out. Step 1 – Secure Auction Items To ensure your auction is profitable, [...]

How To Plan A Successful Auction2023-07-19T13:54:06-05:00

7 Essentials Your Speakers Will Thank You For!

Selecting speakers for events takes time and lots of research. Not only do you need to select someone that will help meet your event goals, you need to select someone that will engage well with your attendees. Before reaching out to potential speakers, spend some time thinking about your audience and who they would [...]

7 Essentials Your Speakers Will Thank You For!2023-07-19T13:56:35-05:00

A Review Of The Oscars 2019

The non-traditional format of this year’s Oscars will definitely be one for the history books. The Academy took a pretty big risk when they decided not to have a host, but we all know the producers were left scrambling just months before the event. Typically, we depend on an emcee to build consistency throughout [...]

A Review Of The Oscars 20192023-07-19T13:57:42-05:00
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