The initial step towards a successful event is to understand what outcomes will deem the project a success. On many occasions this consultation not only helps us, but it also helps you to clarify exactly what you hope to achieve and your overall vision. This stage is usually carried out through one or more meetings via telephone or in-person. Once all tasks and responsibilities for the project have been determined, we will move forward with our four-phase project management approach based on your specific needs. This detailed approach is designed by a professional project management team to assist with the accurate and timely delivery of your events.


This phase involves strategy development and establishes the project scope, including all the key messages and deliverables. It also determines the desired outcomes and measurable metrics that are required post-event.


Once budgets and the project scope have been finalised, we begin planning all aspects of the event.


During this phase, we see the planning come together. It involves the final logistical arrangements and execution of the event itself as well as onsite set up and tear down.


Following the successful execution of your event, we tie off any loose ends with supplier payments and collate feedback for review. We also present a budget analysis and identify any areas for improvement providing steps / actions to be taken accordingly.

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