We Are Ready!

We are pleased to announce that we are ready for the return of safe, in-person gatherings. Whatever this new 'normal' shapes into, we have taken the steps necessary to enhance our understanding of the pandemic and Covid-19 and what measures event professionals need to take when producing events in a post pandemic world. The [...]

We Are Ready!2023-07-18T19:03:58-05:00

Should You Charge For Your Virtual Event?

Typically, the costs associated with producing a virtual event are much lower than that of an in-person one. Organizers may save on the venue, food and beverage, decor, signage, travel, accommodations and more. Pivoting online means the entire event format will change and, subsequently, a new pricing strategy is required. While many virtual events are [...]

Should You Charge For Your Virtual Event?2023-07-18T19:43:35-05:00

A Guide to Presenting Virtually, Like a Pro!

Since COVID-19 has forced us to work, learn and socialise in new ways, we are becoming more and more familiar with the world of virtual events and the opportunities of reaching a much wider, global audience. Now, if you are presenting on such a large stage, you want to ensure you look and sound [...]

A Guide to Presenting Virtually, Like a Pro!2023-07-18T19:51:25-05:00

COVID-19 and the Significance of Risk Management

In light of the recent spread of Coronavirus, it is important to stay up to date with the developments of the virus and follow the advice and guidelines as provided by public health authorities, who have already shared some helpful resources, listed below. World Health Organisation Public Health Agency of Canada Public Health Agency [...]

COVID-19 and the Significance of Risk Management2023-07-18T19:45:53-05:00
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