We are an award winning boutique agency offering event management and communication services. Our mandate is to simplify the process of creating memorable, high quality event experiences and achieve results.

We understand how a great, well planned event can leave a lasting impression on your brand so we take on the responsibility of coordinating and delivering events so that you can continue to focus on your primary business tasks. Organizing and creatively promoting events are very demanding tasks and we can do as much or as little as is required. Whether you need help sourcing a venue, finding suitable entertainment or perhaps you require someone to take on the planning in its entirety, Royal Blue can help make it happen.


  • “Working with Ruby was an absolute delight! Her diligence, efficiency and attention to detail raised the calibre of our event and ensured the evening ran smoothly – I would happily entrust her with future events!”

    Navsheer, PCHS

  • “…the event was fantastic, and we were so pleased with how you brought our vision to life, and took a huge workload off of our plates.  Your expertise was very much appreciated”

    Cathy, KRAFT

  • “…On event day, everything went smoothly and even unexpected last minute issues were dealt with in a seamless manner. Our gala was a resounding success thanks in large part to the involvement of Royal Blue – I would not hesitate in recommending them or using them again in the future.”

    Rav, SAPNA

  • “…On behalf of the Kraft Team I’d like to thank you for all your hard work for the planning and execution of The Park execution at QMAC. Your ability to quickly work around our last-minute feedback, exceed expectations, and handle all the administrative work involved truly allowed us to focus on the task at hand: recruiting the best marketing talent. We will definitely be in touch for any future events…”

    Brendon, KRAFT

  • “Having worked with Ruby on different events, I can assure you of her creativity and dedication to Event Management. She catches on to ideas quickly and brings a laser sharp focus to the planning table. Being detail oriented, she leaves nothing to chance and all of that leads to a flawless execution. Having her in your corner on any event is big plus.”

    Harjit, SKYLINK

  • “…Incredible, your countless years of experience with event planning proved to be quite helpful…. we were extremely glad to have you a part of one of the most memorable days in our charitable journey and look forward to sustaining a long-term relationship with you.”


  • “…I was proud and relieved to hear so many nice comments throughout the evening but I knew those comments were meant for Ruby as well as Lambton. Her attention to detail and constant communication with me was the key to the event’s success. I have worked with many planners in my years and she is without question, the best I have seen.”


  • After the event this past weekend, many many people talking about your brand of fabulousness. You are truly grace under pressure. Thank you for your dedication and efforts to make this a memorable event. We could not have done it without you!



Every event is different, therefore we evaluate each project in detail and propose the most appropriate solutions based on your unique requirements.

The initial step towards a successful event is to understand what outcomes will deem the project a success. On many occasions this exercise not only helps Royal Blue but it also helps you to clarify exactly what you hope to achieve and your overall vision. This stage is usually carried out through one or more meetings via telephone or in-person. Once all tasks and responsibilities for the project have been determined, we will move forward with strategic development based on your specific needs. Our detailed approach to project and budget planning is designed by a professional project management team to assist with the accurate and timely delivery of your event.

Call +1 647 567 1151 or email hello@royalblueevents.com to discuss the details of your project and the steps we can take to ensure your event is successful.

“The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations”


Each event varies and so do their requirements. Sometimes we are asked to take on the management and responsibility of an entire event and at other times we are required to take on specific elements to help bring a project together.

We offer a bespoke service to all our clients. Once the overall vision of the event is understood, we can make it a complete success. Below is a selection of our services.

Vendor Management

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a venue or appropriate vendors for your events. Royal Blue can help with this process and provide suggestions that meet the specific requirements. We can also assist with contract negotiations to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

Schedule Development & Control

Understanding the significance of time lines when planning an event is imperative. If guidance on time frames and project planning is required, Royal Blue can prepare a detailed time plan indicating the critical path to ensure the successful planning and execution of an event.


Getting funding for an event can be a challenge. Royal Blue will work with you to design a suitable sponsorship package and devise a strategy to approach relevant donors.

Itinerary & Script Development

A well planned event will ensure guests have a great experience. Royal Blue can assist with the development of a detailed production schedule to make sure the event flows effortlessly and is enjoyable from start to finish. We can also help create scripts for your master of ceremony.

Day Coordination

Planning an event takes time, skill and a lot of energy, however coordinating an event on the day is even more demanding. If planning of the event is in hand, Royal Blue can help coordinate the logistics and flow on the day so that you can relax and enjoy the experience with your guests.

Marketing and Communications'

The initiation of creative marketing activities can lead to a successful event. We can help develop a promotional strategy that is appropriate for your event and specific objectives as well as your targeted demographic.

Event Conception and Design

Paying attention to all the little details has a huge impact on any event. Not only can Royal Blue help create exciting event design concepts, we can help bring these creative ideas to life. We will prepare mood boards to share the proposed ambiance for the event and arrange for props and rentals to make the concept a reality, keeping budgetary constraints in mind.

Event Branding

Create a consistently branded experience. Consider naming the event and creating a unique logo. Royal Blue can help execute the design and production of all event paraphernalia including invitations, website, tickets, banners, signage, program guides and more.

Web & Mobile

Now you can enhance the experience before the event has even started. We will help you develop a microsite dedicated to your event and target audience. In addition to this, Royal Blue can help you design and develop mobile apps used to communicate all the important details for guests on the go.



In celebration of International Women’ Day, an event was designed for a non-profit organization with the hope of increasing female participation and attendance at events.
Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated in March and thousands of events occur throughout the month to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. The theme for the year the event took place focused on connecting girls, inspiring futures. The intention of the theme was to involve girls in some way so that thousands of minds will be inspired globally.
The organisation opted for a special mother-daughter evening in support of this iconic celebration. The format of the event was a round table discussion with a panel of four influential women who discussed the role of women in business, their stories of success and inspiration. The moderator was CP24’s Farah Nasser who led the discussion.
Overall, the event was a sold out success and approximately 200 females were in attendance. The event has now become an annual celebration for the organization and pays close attention to recognizing women and their achievements.

A wealth management firm were looking to expand and grow their business through the acquisition of new clients. These clients were typically high net worth individuals such as executives, business owners, retirees and established families who required assistance in managing and growing their wealth.
Royal Blue was asked to develop a strategy to attract prospective clients with the aim of converting these into new business. Our concept involved the development of a series of events, to firstly give the wealth management team the opportunity to get to know their potential clients and secondly to communicate how they can help manage and grow their own and their family’s assets along with succession planning.
The first event was an informal gathering where the investment advisors could introduce themselves to their potential clients. Elegantly designed personal invitations were sent out to all guests for an intimate evening of live jazz music, great food and fantastic wine and cocktails at a lavish country estate. The focal point of the evening was an exhibition of photography taken by a member of the team. With h’ordouvres being passed and refreshing summer cocktails, freshly prepared at the bar, we created the ideal platform for the investment advisors of the wealth management team to build a rapport with their guests. During the event, the team were able to gather information from their guests about their individual circumstances and what they need help with. This information was then used to help develop the content and programming for the second series of events. These informative seminars were tailored to match these specific requests and communicated information on how the firm operates, the solutions it provides and the benefits it can offer its clients. Finally, investment advisors would meet with the potential clients on a one-to-one basis to ‘close the deal’.

A non-profit organization with a mission to educate South Asian Canadians on the risk factors to their health and well-being approached Royal Blue to help plan and execute a fundraising gala that will raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Canadian Diabetes Association as well as raise awareness about their mandate. They were looking for expert guidance as well as reliable resources that will help ensure sufficient funds are raised as well as the overall success of the event.
Royal Blue suggested tying the fundraising gala with an award presentation in order to recognize the individuals that were making a difference within the community. The event was titled Dare to Dream and Royal Blue worked closely with the planning committee to help execute the project in all aspects including, planning and logistics, sponsorships and marketing and promotion.
The event was held at the Liberty Grand in Toronto and attracted approximately 500 guests. There was a cocktail hour, followed by a sit down meal, award presentations and speeches. The highlight of the evening was the entertainment, which doubled up as a fundraising initiative. Michael Israel, entertainment artist was flown into Toronto from the U.S. and provided the guests with a very different kind of performance. Michael started painting six large portraits on stage, with lights and music, within minutes it was clear he was painting upside down and was able to reveal who he was painting by spinning his canvas. Portraits included Amitabh Bhachan, Gandhi and Wayne Gretzky to name a few. These paintings were then live auctioned at the event to raise funds. One painting alone sold for $10,000. There was also a silent auction and raffle prizes which consisted of a variety of different items including jewellery, spa vacations and signed jerseys.
Royal Blue also assisted with the PR activities to help raise awareness about the organisation and draw attention to the event. A series of press releases were distributed amongst the media and flyers were distributed both online and at other events. This event was a huge success.

Royal Blue was asked to develop an event for a food and beverage manufacturer following a recent brand acquisition. An event was designed to give colleagues and senior management from both organisations an opportunity to network and get to know each other. The event was hosted by an internal Women’s Group and provided the perfect platform to network and also welcome the new president for this group. The guests comprised mainly of women in the 20-45 year age group and our mandate was to produce an unforgettable experience to kick start the year.
At the time, the organization’s mission was to ‘Make Today Delicious’. With this in mind, Royal Blue developed the ‘Awaken Your Senses’ theme which generated intrigue and excitement amongst the guests. By creating a theme based environment, we were able to provoke conversations and introductions amongst colleagues.
The backdrop for the event was a beautiful art gallery in the historic Distillery District. The striking art on display tied in with the theme. Live musician’s created a soothing ambiance with exotic beats of the tabla and the soft melodies of India’s simplest wind instrument, the Bansuri (bamboo flute). Professional mixologists were on hand to prepare fruit cocktails while a sommelier educated guests on selected wines which were paired with appropriate cheeses suggested by a Maître Fromager (cheese expert). The wine and cheese were displayed on a table with an ice sculpture in the centre of the room. Spaced around the gallery were food stations with a variety of unique foods including a pure maple taffy station; an old Quebec tradition whereby maple syrup is boiled and then poured onto snow then lifted with, and eaten from a wooden stick. Another novel treat was chocolate mousse and mango cheesecake served from paint tubes onto guests’ fingers, which they licked off. This creative twist was very well received and definitely brought the theme to life.
Royal Blue was also able to negotiate a cross marketing opportunity with a local company that produces hand-made soaps and lotions. They were invited to set up a station at the event and provide guests with a demonstration of some of their products. A portable sink at the station meant guests could really experience the luxurious feeling of their products. A popular body butter was included in a swag bag that was handed to guests as they were leaving.

A student-run Marketing Conference brings together 130 students from universities across the country offering educational experiences for the marketing leaders of tomorrow as well as a platform for recruitment opportunities with some of the world’s largest brands.

In an attempt to recruit the best marketing talent, we are approached by a leading sponsor of this event to plan and execute their cocktail reception which was part of the three day conference.

‘The Park’ is the term used to describe the organization’s internal digital platform where creative content is posted, shared and liked throughout the marketing department. Royal Blue brought this park to life. With the clever arrangement of the room, we designed an event that incorporated the creative elements of this digital forum as well as the outdoor city park elements by bringing the outdoors, indoors. There were various creative stations around the room including digital case studies, a video show reel of commercials and print advertisements on display. Various hedges, trees, grass and a water fountain were brought in to create the ambience. We even had birds chirping in the background.

All food served was created using the organization’s branded products and their easy, no fuss recipes, which are always a big hit with students. A live twitter stream allowed everyone to view the online discussion about the event and students enjoyed sharing pictures of the indoor park on various social media networks. This event quickly became a memorable element of the entire conference and is now something the students look forward to each year.




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