Outdoor Summer Events: What Are My Options?

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Outdoor Summer Events: What Are My Options?

The feeling of a warm breeze across sunlit skin, the gentle clinking of ice cubes against a cold glass, and smiles all around, the blissful sounds of summer are the perfect background noise to an outdoor event. Picking a location that fits your company’s corporate culture can be tricky and overwhelming. Naturally, there are many factors to consider when selecting a venue for an event, but where do you even begin when considering an outdoor event? What are the options?  We have put together a list of ideas that might help!


Golf Courses

There are almost 2,400 estimated golf courses around the country. Golfing is a great way to engage guests in a fun activity while enjoying the outdoors. Venues like this are a great choice because they often come with an indoor space for uncooperative weather. Some clubs have strict limitations and may be for members only, be sure to do your research before planning.


City Parks

Most Ontario parks offer an option for events, they provide hosts with a ton of possibilities in terms of size and style. It’s a good idea to visit the location you are considering ahead of planning to map-out the flow for your event, check it meets all the specific requirements and be sure it is accessible for all your guests. If there is sand or gravel on the ground, remember to communicate this to your guests so that they can wear suitable footwear. You will also need to communicate with the City to obtain all the required permits for your specific event.


Private Gardens

There are some beautiful manor houses around the city, most of which have stunning, well-kept gardens. Capacity may be limited at these locations so they may be suitable for more intimate gatherings. The striking grounds of the property will most definitely provide guests with an experience they won’t forget. Some private grounds may allow for outdoor marquees and tents to be put up. Again, permits may be required so remember to ask about all the details when inquiring with the booking coordinator.



Summer equals patio season, and rooftop patios are a great location for an event. Most restaurants or large buildings have open rooftop spaces that can be rented for events both during the day and evening. These spaces perfectly spark conversation amongst guests as they enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the city.


Zoos or Conservatories, Amusement Parks

If you are looking to really wow your guests, consider hosting your event at the zoo or in an amusement park. They will likely have a dedicated area for such events. There is also little need for entertainment or décor, since the location provides enough eye candy and enjoyment on its own. Be sure to check accessibility and permit requirements.


Vacant Lots

If you are seeking a quirky location, look for vacant lots in the area you hope to host your event. You may be able to rent a parking lot or redundant space from a property developer for a small fee. Whilst it may be inexpensive to rent the space, remember to allocate budget for all rentals and amenities that will need to be arranged. Consider permits, accessibility and emergency planning for such locations.


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Post written in collaboration with Elizabeth Voss.


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