4 Simple Ways To Make ‘Networking’ Easier For Your Guests

As most entrepreneurs know, networking is a very important part of building a brand and business.  However, often we have a fear of approaching others and need to be reminded that we are all there for the same reason. The purpose of a networking event is to meet new people and make new connections with the hope of developing and enhancing new long term relationships.

We plan and attend regular business networking events in and around Toronto and really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories.  The most successful networking events are those that encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and approach other attendees.

With some creative ideas, networking events can be fun as well as productive.

If you are planning to host an event of this kind, here are four simple ways to help your guests get connected:

  • A Fun Mission – Give half the attendees a badge each with the name of a famous landmark around the world. Give the other half, the name of the relevant country for these landmarks. The task is then for each country and landmark to find each other and be reunited. This could also work with celebrity couples – especially for a valentine themed, mix and mingle event.
  • A 30 Second Introduction – Depending on the number of people in the group, give everyone a 30 second opportunity to introduce themselves and their business. This is a great way to quickly learn which different businesses and industries are present, allowing each individual to subsequently make targeted connections.
  • ‘If I won a million dollars, I would…’ – This works particularly well with small networking sessions, go around the table and ask everyone to complete the statement ‘If I won a million dollars, I would…’ The answers could tell you more about each individual’s personality and future aspirations, leading you to think about how you could possibly help each other.
  • Speed Networking – Much like speed dating this is a great way to ensure everyone connects with each other. If organised well, this is probably one of the easiest ways to break the ice and ensure everyone has the opportunity to connect with all attendees.

If you are attending a networking event any time soon, remember to ask questions and always listen carefully to those you connect with. If you are able to help them in any way, say so. If you can’t help them, perhaps you can introduce them to someone who can. Finally, don’t forget to follow up after the event in order to enhance the new relationship further.

Have you been to a networking event recently? Was it productive, what worked and what didn’t work? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear about your experiences.

Happy Networking!

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