Event Flyers and Websites – What They Should Include

When you put so much time and effort into the planning an event, you need to make sure you attract the right crowd as well. Event flyers and websites are critical communicators and here is a list of things they should always include:


Event name

Keep it simple and interesting.



Make sure this is clearly visible and easy to read.


Time of arrival

Again, make sure this is clearly visible.


Duration of the event

Briefly let people know what to expect from the moment they arrive.


Location and address

Be sure to include the full address with zip code, parking details and instructions with a map if necessary.



Be sure to include all costs as well as any hidden charges.



Provide details about how to register, quickly and efficiently.



Provide details of who to contact if they have any questions or queries and be sure to answer these promptly.


Guest list

Sometimes it’s appropriate to describe who should attend and why.


Food and Drink

When necessary provide details of cuisine. Food is always a great pull for events.



This always makes a difference between good attendance and great attendance. Describe any benefits; prize draws, give always, networking etc.


Blog site

Let guests know where they can go online and chat with others to get excited about the event.


Program highlights

List key speakers with their bios, provide details about raffles and silent auctions any celebrity appearances.



If your event is regular, consider including testimonials from previous guests. It’s always great to hear feedback from people that you can relate to, be it in the form of a video, audio or text.



Always ensure your sponsors get what the exposure that is expected. Display logos where necessary.


Cancellation policy

Sate what your cancellation policy is and be sure to stick to it.


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